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Hip & Hitched is a premier entertainment company in the Southeast, Denver and Bay Area specializing in weddings and special events.

If your looking for cut rate wedding DJ’s you have come to the wrong place. We are world traveled Profession Disk Jockeys that are in hi demand, due to the word of mouth of 1st person experiences at one of our events.

That being said we have, budget friendly options a pone request, but we focus on clients that want to get what they pay for and know where there money is best spent. “it’s not the flowers or the food they remember, it’s the party”! That’s are motto! Just ask some one what cut rate and untalented DJ can do to your wedding or special event.

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H&H is a subsidiary of RareFormation, LLC, founded in 2001 and based in Atlanta.
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All DJ’s are not created equal. At Hip and Hitched, our mission is to create unforgettable experiences for our clients. We have learned that the experience your guests have at your wedding reception solidifies their memory of your wedding. Good or bad, boring or fun! When others show up with an IPod and a cumberbun, we consistently go above and beyond the industry norms to create a high quality unforgettable experience.

What makes us different?

Personalization – We craft a custom experience for your event.

Uniqueness – We are the only entertainment company in the world that offers a DJ / Party Band, which is a live band fused with a DJ spinning your custom soundtrack non-stop. Unlike most DJ’s, we professionally mix our music so there are no breaks between songs.

Experience – We have traveled the world working huge corporate events and the hottest clubs. We specialize in reading the crowd’s mood and keeping things hopping all night long.

Talent – We mix on Turntables like super star Djs creating a club like experience for your special event using state of the art equipment to blend current Hit and as well as the tried and true classics, remixes and Mash ups.

Flexibility – Whether your event has 90 or 9,000 people, we have the experience to deliver and we will work with your budget based on our available packages.

Other – We provide lighting, audio, video, photographers, event design, and consultation. We obsess about the details so you do not have to.

Testimonials – Our clients LOVE us.

At Hip and Hitched, we understand how much you have invested in your wedding/events and how important this day is for you, your family and guests. The entertainment typically comes last on your wedding day, which makes us icing on the cake. We have a great reputation for delivering a delicious and unforgettable experience. We pride ourselves on helping you build your cherished memories.

*Hip & Hitched is a subsidiary of RareFormation, LLC, and a full-service entertainment company located in Atlanta. With over 15 years of Corporate Event experience/production, we have traveled the world working for clients such as Microsoft, Coke, Bloomingdales, Guess, and Star Wood Hotels. For more info, and booking please fill out the form below with as many details on your special day as possible.