Our Talent

Our talented team is a collection of artist, film makers, photo takers, musicians, DJs, designers, and over all creatives, working together as a collective. Most of what you see he is geared large event production for corporate events, and lager hip wedding clients.

Rare Form Live or H&H Live ( for Hip Wedding clients, Hip and Hitched is our chic wedding brand ), is a Dj x Live Band combination we forged in the clubs over the many years we worked there. What to expect is our world class veteran club DJ’s spinning all your favorite selections as a non-stop custom soundtrack, and our A list session musicians jamming in key to create a live band, the rocks like a DJ, and looks and feels like a live band! This is a huge hit for corporate party’s, large weddings, and special events. It is made to order, and can be as small as a duo, or as large as a 7 -10 piece live band, with singers, rappers, and the like.

Oh you want live Jazz? We do that too!


let the videos play to see all of our other videos & projects over the years on youtube. You will see the history unfold!! We can’t wait to get you on the dance floor!